• Tuesday Ryan Hart

    Systems Change Strategist

    Tuesday Ryan Hart

    Tuesday Ryan-Hart leads large-scale systems change with a deep understanding and practice of how equity, when put at the centre of new movements, frees the path to better ideas that work. She helps diverse organizations and communities with shared interests reframe commonly-held assumptions and persistent issues, surfacing a new mindset for action with greater participation and shared impact.
  • Tim Merry

    Systems Change Strategist

    Tim Merry

    Tim Merry works with major international businesses, government agencies, local communities, and regional collaboratives to lead breakthrough change, with coaching, training, keynote speaking, engagement facilitation and systems change designed to energize and shake up the status quo. As an engagement specialist and systems change strategist, Tim organizes for forward movement.

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By bringing fresh air and clarity to persistent challenges, we can transcend overwhelm to make a better world together. That's what we do: we help collaborators and problem-solvers get unstuck with unforgettably pivotal events, capacity-building, and strategy that sparks significant change and moves toward equity. When overwhelmed by repeated patterns and blocks, fresh air helps.
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