"I get regular feedback on how productive and energized my meetings have become." —Fiona, Scotland

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Leading Effective Meetings

More engaged + productive time together makes better change.

  • Module 1: Why engagement rules​

    We all spend a lot of time in meetings. The quality of that time makes or breaks our impact. How can we set the tone for clear action, diverse input, exciting ideas, and meaningful progress? In this first session, Tim and Tuesday lay the groundwork.

  • Module 2: Designing impactful time

    Productive, well-orchestrated meetings are not a matter of talent or chance. It's a learned skill. In session two, Tim and Tuesday chart a straight line between time spent together - from a thirty minute check-in to a multi-day intensive - and momentum.

  • Module 3: How to amplify productivity

    In shared work, patterns of input and response dictate our impact. In session three, Tim and Tuesday run through the architecture of productivity, exploring how we can predict and amplify the best of how people rally together.

  • Module 4: The good-meeting culture

    To shift our impact, we've got to shift the status quo. In session four, Tim and Tuesday examine the culture necessary for time well-spent, examining how to hardwire a repeatable process that draws the greatest enthusiasm and learning.

"Thank you for the clarity, authenticity, and reality-anchored passion in this training."

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"Tim and Tuesday are just one light bulb moment after another." —Gail, USA

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